Jim Vasta, Ph.D.

Verona, WI

The roast is wonderful and the aroma coming from the bag is amazing and downright intoxicating.

I had no sensitivity response at all with the coffee and have been drinking 2-3 cups a day since I received it. It provides an awesome tune-up within 15 minutes that doesn't end in a crash.

Excellent product! That's the power of toxin free. Thanks for addressing a clear need in the coffee market!


Dean Stattmann, Men's Health Brand Editor

"This stuff I use at home......A LOT. I can't say enough good things about Clean Coffee -- it's just really good coffee!"


Nolan Berg

Fargo, ND

Clean Coffee's Pacific Highlands roast is fantastic! It is super smooth and not bitter but also pretty bold.

I had a large cup on Sunday morning before my 10 mile run and it kept me going!


Steve A. -- KC Coffee Geek

Kansas City, KS

In the cup I found a clean-tasting, sweet coffee with nice body. There is a good amount of caramel sweetness and tone to the cup, especially as it cools down, and there is very little in the way of the bitterness that sometimes come with a higher roast level or any metallic twang that I sometimes find.

In short, for a darker roast, this was really nicely done and a tasty, inviting cup of coffee!


Amy J.

Dallas, TX

I'm interested in clean eating, which includes coffee for sure! I was feeling very sensitive to the acidity of my beloved espresso roast, and Clean Coffee really helped me.

I'm so glad because I love my coffee!


Elizabeth Eversull, MD

Center for Organic Medicine, Dallas, TX

I promote Clean Coffee for my patients because it contains high levels of antioxidants and helps raise dopamine levels. The results have been dramatic. My patients report less jitteriness, less erratic energy, and fewer headaches.

For patients in health crisis – often with a large number of food allergies and sensitivities greatly affecting what they can eat and drink – I insist on Clean Coffee because it is lab-certified toxin-free. After performing extensive food allergy testing, I found that patients who are sensitive to coffee can usually tolerate Clean Coffee.


Katie D.

Dallas, TX

I have had the pleasure of trying a bag of the Papua New Guinea Highlands blend. I've bought numerous brands of ground coffee - Folgers, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, etc - and none have been as pleasing to drink as Clean Coffee. I am a bit sensitive to caffeine and acidity, and this coffee was right on the money! It perked me up without any of the side effects some coffee tends to cause, and the best part is the taste. I recently threw out a bag of Starbucks because no matter how I brewed it, it was awful to drink. Clean Coffee gives you a nice, smooth cup of coffee every time. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone who hasn't had much luck with finding the right coffee and especially to any coffee snobs!