With our coffee, people no longer have to sacrifice taste in order to get the cup of coffee they want or need. Clean Coffee Company spent years searching for superior beans, single-sourced from a remote part of the world.

Our Papua New Guinea Highlands roast is estate-grown on volcanic soil at over 5,200 feet above sea level where the weather is cool and the rainfall bountiful -- ideal for Arabica coffee. Organically grown, our coffee is subject to the highest quality standards at every stage from hand picking the cherries, to hand sorting and packing the AA-rated beans.

Completely pure, our beans contain no pesticides or chemicals – not even those typically found in the environment. In addition, for those sensitive to acidity, our beans naturally contain slightly lower pH levels, providing a delicious and mellower cup that can be enjoyed by all.

At Clean Coffee Company, we don’t just talk the talk. We have taken exhaustive measures to make certain that we can back up our claims. Our Papua New Guinea Highlands coffee beans have been third-party tested and verified. In the interest of total transparency, we have included test results for you on our site.

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