Thoughts on Recent Events

While we don't aspire to be political or to stir the pot, so to speak, we feel compelled to comment on recent tragedies that have occurred throughout the world. In what seems like one horrific never-ending news cycle, hate has taken center stage lately. From the Middle East and Africa, to Europe and the United States, those who have dedicated themselves to the spread of fear and ignorance through hate and violence have been doing their damnedest to distract us from our daily lives. They have one demand and one demand only – change for the worse. Stop traveling. Stay out of restaurants and cafes. Enact unjust legislation. Arm yourselves.

Pardon our French, but no f*cking way. We cannot give in to outrageous efforts made by people whose only claim to humanity is having been born human. They are the real cowards and the rest of us must make a conscious effort to try and be brave. As hate-monger pervert religious and political doctrine to serve their own misguided vision, two can play at that game. We can take their message of hate and fear and turn it around. Rather than living in fear, live with the understanding that every moment is precious. Savor the mundane. Hold nothing back. From now on, we’re going make an effort to be more mindful of the moment, like that first sip of coffee on a cold winter morning. As we like to say, “Don’t hate…..caffeinate.” At Clean Coffee, this means following our true passion to bring people a great cup of coffee that we can be proud of, with absolutely no regard to race or religion.